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Storyslinger podcast

Podcast No. 1.23Jetzt anhören (10 min) | Plotting pantser, Never Finished, Toy Soldiers
Podcast No. 12.22Jetzt anhören (9 min) | Military creative action, The Book of Accidents, The Wood
Podcast No. 11.22Jetzt anhören (12 min) | Writing on Substack, A Generation of Vipers, Father's Fury
Podcast: S1 E7Listen now (9 min) | Balancing your life as a writer, making a schedule, and a reading from FREAK OUTS.
Podcast: S1 E6Listen now (13 min) | Writing studios, writing prompts, and a reading from a piece of micro fiction called THE TREE.
Podcast: S1 E5Jetzt anhören (10 min) | The music I listen to while writing, social media, and a reading from BROKEN PEOPLE.
Podcast: S1 E4Jetzt anhören (8 min) | Kindle Vella, hardcover publishing, and a reading from ADVISOR.
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