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I didn’t like to read as a kid. Mainly because I was forced to read books I didn’t really like. With my kids, we have a bookworm, one who’s indifferent, and one who is happy to be read to. Not sure how to foster the love to read other than repetition and reading topics of interest. Any advice for a child looking to publish his own story?

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My brother didn’t read as a kid; turns out he has dyslexia. Now he loves reading, but is still slow. Because of that, he won’t keep reading a book that isn’t really good.

I’m “spaghetti against the wall” when it comes to my children publishing. If they have an idea, I help them run with it. I refuse to write for them, but I will edit and help them through the process. My son wrote a fun story and I helped him illustrate it and edit it. His German grandfather edited the German version. Then I set him up on KDP, helped him format the PDF and eBook versions using my Atticus account, and showed him how to publish on Amazon. Then he spread the news word-of-mouth and ended up with two copies in his school library.

He’s got two follow-ons, but they’re in revisions. And my daughter is revising her first book. The only challenge I face is carving out time to help. But it’s the same challenge I have with my own work. ;)

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